How to Find High Quality Furniture ?

Types of Wood

There are different types of wood that can be used to make furniture. Ash, mahogany, oak, and walnut are just some of the most popular types of wood used in modern furniture. Furniture can either be solid wood or veneer, meaning less expensive wood is covered in a solid wood finish. Equal these options are used in high quality modern furniture and are typically durable and long lasting.

Watch Out for Particle Board

Particle board is another type of material used as a base for a lot of modern furniture. These
is typically used in cheaper furniture, as it won’t stand up to heavy use over a long period of time. This is made from an combination of wood pulp, plastics, and resin – not as solid or durable as solid wood or veneers. It’s not typically used in high quality modern furniture.

Cushions and Upholstery

Depending on the type of furniture you’re buying, you should check if the cushions can easily be removed from the upholstery. For thing likes armchairs, dining chairs, and even couches, you should be able to easily remove the cushion covers from the foam or down. Although this may seem like a small feature, it will mean way less of a headache in the future should you need to wash the covers or want to change their colour or material. Low quality furniture typically doesn’t come with this option.

Glue, Nails, Screws, and Joints

There are many ways that furniture can be put together. Wood joinery, where notches are cut into wood pieces and fit together, and certain types of screws are often used by high quality furniture manufacturers to reduce the risk of cracking and sagging in furniture after long term use. Things like staples and nails are less desirable (depending on their location and function). Though you can visibly see adhesive like glue holding parts of the furniture together, this usually indicates lower quality furniture. You shouldn’t be able to easily see any materials used to hold the furniture together, let alone if it’s simple glue. Your furniture probably won’t last very long!