5 Ways to Cut Your Energy Bill

A lot of people are looking for a way to save money in this tough economic climate. Your energy bills are an excellent place for you to lower monthly expenses because there are so many things you can do to expend less energy. Heating and cooling are just two of the reasons that energy bills go up in the winter and summer months, but homeowners can find several ways to save money in these areas.
1. Eliminate Leaks in the Heating and Cooling System
A heating and cooling system that has leaks is not heating or cooling at optimal levels. Homeowners may have their thermostats up at a higher or a lower level than they need to be because their heating andEfficiency Heating

cooling systems are unable to send a maximum amount of warmth or coolness into the house.
This is wasteful and the bills will be higher than they need to be. If homeowners have their heating and cooling systems inspected every year, they will be able to heat and cool their homes without losing a significant portion of their heated or cooled air to leaks.
2. Raise the Thermostat During the Day in the Summer
After homeowners have ensured that their cooling systems are in top working order, they will want to use them as little as possible. This time would be during the day when most people are at work in the summer. You can set the thermostat higher when you are not in the house and lower it when you come home at night. This tactic will save as much as $180 in each energy bill.
3. Apply Weather Stripping to Windows and Doors
Leaks in the heating system are not the only reason that heat escapes during the winter. A house can have several places where the heat is released, such as through poorly insulated doors and windows. By applying weather stripping to the areas where leaks are likely to occur, homeowners will make their heating and cooling systems more effective and help save money on the energy bills.
4. Close the Blinds and the Drapes
It’s not always required of homeowners to put in a lot of effort to save money on their energy bills. Sometimes, all that is needed is closing the blinds or drapes. This tactic is most important for windows that receive direct sunlight, especially during the summer. After the window has been properly insulated, keeping the sun’s warmth outside with blinds and drapes keeps the house cooler and lowers the need to run the air conditioner as often.
5. Run a Fan
Homeowners can also reduce cooling system usage if they invest in a fan. They expend less energy and can reduce the air to a more comfortable temperature.