Climb Thousands of Search Engine Positions in Minutes

The goal of compiling this information around magazine subscription keywords is to make it as simple as possible to pick up, read and utilize “the plan”  I’ve been researching keyword related search engine techniques for months  now.  I’ve found groundbreaking strategies that impact your website immediately, and long vigorous work that takes time and consistency.  Here’s a step by step guide to implement everything SEO keyword related.


Come up with 3 “keywords” per page.  If you  don’t have the funds for a subscription then and overture selector tool at are two of the best free alternatives.  Simply type in a vague description related to your  corresponding product in the software (IE: if your product is magazines, and you’re a magazine subscription agency you would type in “Magazine Subscriptions”, the search on the keyword software would yield popular variations/keywords that stem from “Magazine Subscriptions” like “Discount Magazine Subscriptions” or “Online magazine subscriptions”.  Select the keywords that have the highest count and least amount of competing pages.  For each individual page you want to have a “primary, secondary, and complimentary keyword”.  Since I’m so in love with magazine subscriptions, we are going to use Magazine Subscriptions, Cheap Magazine Subscriptions, and Discount Magazine Subscriptions as the Primary, Secondary, and Complimentary keywords as a model.