Industry characteristics of fine chemicals

The main methods are though the mixing, separation, crushing, heating and other physical or chemical method to add raw material value. Typically, the production is on the batch or continuous discrete. Compared to the fine chemical, there are following particularity.


Knowledge, technology, resources, capital-intensive, the typical scale industries; the continuity of the production process, the s is relatively fixed, complex process, many parameters of a variety of characteristics for control and scheduling; professional products, technical differences, opposed to the traditional petroleum, chemical industry, technology updates faster; production and procurement plans are relatively stable, inventory management, fixed asset management, spare parts management problems; product structure is relatively simple, less of the amount of materials and levels of design rarely change. In the chemical octylferrocene industry ERP, using a formula to describe the product structure, and its meaning in addition to materials planning, but also can be used as a corporate assessment of the technical indicators. In each process, along with output, not just products or intermediate products, product mix was inverted cone, by the co-products and by-products, returning matter, need to control waste, stored in liquid in a pipe or vessel, gas or powder, granular materials, auxiliary materials and energy. Describe the product structure of this type of formula should also have a bulk valid requirements.

Chemical process using special equipment or devices, processes and capacity are relatively fixed, the process is continuous and the ability to match the strong fluctuation between the maximum and minimum daily production output of goods may be supplied with raw materials and process parameters change, you need strength, quality, classification. Access to material is continuous, a very short lead time, in addition to the process end to end, no queuing, waiting time, and usually do not consider the problem of the products. Equipment of chemical companies in general is a comprehensive set of production line equipment, the equipment investment is relatively large, fixed process, the production capacity of certain restrictions. Particularly important in the production line equipment maintenance, not failure, as long as a failure, it will cause to stop all production has suffered serious