Spyware – Scourge of the new Millenium

What is spyware?Spyware is when a program is placed on your PC without your consent. The most common way for this to happen is when you install a separate application such as a file sharing program or free download utility on your computer. The program you install also places some “extra” programs on your PC. These extra programs perform tasks from recording what websites you visit to popping up ads on your screen. More worrying are the spyware programs that record everything you type on your keyboard. That’s right. Your most private instant messages, emails and chat room discussions can easily be stored and transmitted without your approval. Scary stuff!https://Charlie-Day.com

Are there different types of spyware?There are many different classifications of spyware but the following are the most dangerous types:

AdwareThe most common type of spyware. These are small programs which sit on your computer waiting for you to go online. Once the adware detects that you’re connected to the Internet it starts sending you popup, popover and popunder ads for anything from airline tickets to porn site membership. Not only that but information on your viewing habits is then sold on to marketing companies who will then send you more junk email and popup ads than you ever thought possible.

Browser HijackerThese are just plain annoying. These install themselves on your computer and change your default homepage and search engine to something else. Every time you start your web browser it will bring you to a page filled with ads, porn or other unwanted material. This interrupts your web browsing and is intensely annoying. Most browser hijackers are also data miners. A data mining program reports your web browsing habits to a central database. This information is then sold on to marketing companies.

Keyboard LoggerThese programs are designed for one thing – theft. When you log in to your online banking these can record your PIN number. When you check your private email account these programs can record your password. Keybo