The Functions of the Cooling Fan

that have been designed for use when air conditioning is cost prohibitive, impractical, or unavailable. The evaporative cooling fans are used to cool certain types of equipment such as generators and compressors. These evaporative cooling fans function through the use of a power Efficiency Heating
Coolingsupply and water. The features of these cooling fans are one-piece polyethylene plastic hosing and high-tech polymer venturi with non-corrosive fan blades. These fans can also be used to cool large areas such as the manufacturing plants, garages, military bases, and gymnasiums. These fans are also used effectively for spot cooling in horse stables, dog kennels and a large variety of locations in addition.The other type of fans in addition to the evaporate cooling fans are the axial cooling fans. The function of the axial cooling fans is to provide ventilation and spot cooling in places where the space is limited. Generally axial cooling fans are used in copy machines, office equipment, computers, industrial control equipment, and audio and visual equipment. The axial fans are also applied and used in vending machines, telephone equipment, light projectors, TV cameras, and many types of electrical equipment.