The Love Story of Victoria’s Secret

Do you know the world-famous brand “Victoria’s secret”? And have you ever heard some romantic love stories about “Victoria’s secret”? Here I am willing to tell you one of the love stories, sincerely hope you would like it.

Encounter Love

It was 1978 when the love story began. Greece, an attractive girl from England, found that a boy was always observing her and writing something on a piece of paper when she was on holiday in a Los Angelus beach.

Curiously and a little bit angrily, she went to the boy, who was just on his 離婚したくない場合の奥の手 way to start his new small bra store, and was attracted by her beautiful swimsuit. What Roy was doing was painting, and he told Greece about his name and job, while Greece lied to him. She said that her name was Victoria. When Roy asked where her swimsuit was bought, she said, “It’s a secret.” Roy immediately decided to let his store name after this girl——Victoria’s secret. Form that moment on, they spend their holiday together.

Bitter Time

In fact, Greece had had a fiancé already, which was arranged by her parents. She knew she loved Roy, but no matter what she said, she still couldn’t persuade her parents on this issue. Greece had no choices; she had to return to England and told Roy about all her realistic things. Roy wrote lots of letters to Greece. But all the letters were stopped by Greece’s father. Roy made Victoria’s secret a good company in a few years. Not receiving Greece’s letters and couldn’t find her, Roy was in big pain so that he couldn’t manage his company well and always looked for comforts by drinking, causing the company to go broke and run by other man.