The Value of History in Edinburgh’s Architecture

Over the years we have all been witnesses on how our world changes, technology takes over and evolution comes into a whole new boundary. In architecture we have seen constant improvements and changes and that gave us the chance to really work with what we have in terms of skills and creativity and progress on it. In the United Kingdom, especially in the historic country of Scotland, there are so much that we can all learn from and of course appreciate as well. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh sure gives us the historical places in which architecture from as early as the and 17th Century to today’s architecture goes hand in hand in giving people the necessary understanding about its fusion. Right now, architects Edinburgh has applies what they learn from early architects and their skills as well to continue what the architects of the past have started.


With advanced technology and history at the helm the restoration and conservation of architecture in Edinburgh truly pushes the phase and give its people and visitors as well what they want to see. Historical Edinburgh at its finest, with the popularity of the Royal Mile where architects Edinburgh employs does great conservation architecture from the historic St. Giles Cathedral to the Parliament House, the preservation of its rich historic and cultural value has been really given time and importance. Although some structures and establishments does try to move on a different direction and approach architecture in a more modern way, the truth is Edinburgh is always known for its historical significance thus giving the old buildings and structures importance in preserving what they are when they were built centuries ago.

Some say that Edinburgh’s progress in architecture has been in constant phase, but that is just because Edinburgh chose to ride its horse in a direction where people want them to be. Giving its history a rich appreciation rather than making an entrance to the modernization like what other cities and even countries has been doing. Throughout the years, architects Edinburgh hires are those who know how to respect their history and are open to the direction in which the city wants to be. Historically speaking the points of giving the Edinburgh Castle or the Palace of Holyroodhouse the same treatment they have been receiving is always a priority for them. The historical value and significance of these buildings can really be measure in its age.