Vipeak mobile crushing plant breeding emerging hot market

Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy independently developed a series of mobile crushing station equipment, mainly by the feeding system, sensors and monitoring systems, broken system, delivery system, dust removal system, etc. Mobile crushing station noise, the best noise absorption systems, equipment, compact and flexible to better meet the inter-city construction waste crushing operation, effective dust removal system, to suitable for diesel engine noise emission conditions, the release of a remote-controlled hydraulic system to exclude the mobile crushing plant the barriers, pre-screening devices greatly improve crushing efficiency. Track-type mobile crushing plant is like a small mobile processing plant, widely used in construction waste crushing, rock, ores, massive road old broken asphalt concrete and other materials to meet the mining, hydropower, coal and other engineering requirements of environmental protection broken . Track-type mobile crushing plant to increase productivity, reduce costs, realize safe production.
At present, construction waste is widely used means of disposing of the accumulation and simple landfill, which will not only take up a lot of land, heavily polluted urban environment, but also adverse effects on urban groundwater, to a large extent hindered the healthy development of the city. This is neither environmental protection, can not achieve an effective recycling of construction waste and use.
Therefore, experts believe that the construction waste has been imperative, and this gave birth to a new hot market. In order to better serve the city building waste, Vipeak Heavy construction in order to better serve the city garbage, broken in the years sand production line equipment based on the research and development for construction waste, construction waste crushing, especially small construction waste site special needs and other markets, the first combination of a mobile crushing equipment, based on the integration by the integration unit, convenient and efficient implementation of construction waste crushing process. Construction waste after sorting through the specific equipment to remove iron material which contains iron, by rough broken, broken, crushed or crushing equipment, handling, processing sand and gravel into the regeneration of a certain size aggregate, and finally applied to the roadbed stone, unburned brick, cement, admixtures and other aspects. Not only to achieve the traffic, construction waste recycling, nor dust pollution, small footprint, reaching high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, good results.
Vipeak Heavy Industries launched the construction waste disposal equipment – mobile crushing combination of equipment is for the simple accumulation of domestic construction waste landfill and other treatment specifically developed, the advent of the city not only reasonable solution to the disposal of construction waste, but also to promote toward the construction of urban environmental protection, waste disposal direction, so that effective recycling.
•Ensure our activity to meet the requirements of related environmental protection regulation and other regulations. We have successfully passed through various audit and administration permission after having a thorough communication with related organization.
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•Reduce the use of environmentally harmful