Quitting Smoking With Hypnosis – What Are the Chances?

There are many products that can help you achieve your goal to quit smoking, but using self-hypnosis to quit smoking has a higher success rate than most other products. The pills, patches, and other choices will be successful in about one out of every four people that try them. If you use hypnosis to quit smoking it will work for about two out of three people.

This is a much higher success rate and one of the major reasons anybody trying to quit smoking should consider self-hypnosis. Plus you will not have to pay for a second set of patches, more gum, or for more pills either. Once you have the program for your self-hypnosis you own it and will not have to purchase anything else to help you quit smoking.

One of the major reasons you may want to consider the self-hypnosis instead of going to a hypnotherapistMichael Emery
Michael J. Emery

is the cost. Self-hypnosis programs are much less expensive than actually booking appointments with a hypnotherapist. You want to make sure you consider both options, however, because self-hypnosis will not work for every individual smoker trying to quit.

When you use a hypnosis program you will have the opportunity to delve into and examine your subconscious mind. This is the most powerful part of your mind and you can make a huge difference in your daily habits by tapping into it. If you have thought that you lack the will power to quit, then you may just discover you really do have the power to quit with self-hypnosis.

Your subconscious mind actually has power over your habits and your emotions. This means if you can get into it and make some changes you can actually quit the habit you hate the most, smoking. It is necessary to get your subconscious to cooperate and this will take a bit of time with self-hypnosis to quit smoking.

Most programs will teach you how to use the power of suggestion to teach yourself to quit smoking. This is not all that hard, but it will take more than just one day or two days. Most of the time self-hypnosis takes about 28 days to really see the effects, but that is a very short amount of time to learn how t