The Most Famous Tall Ship Models

r various purposes such as drinking vessels and burial offerings and the models played a key role in everyday life. During the Napoleonic wars in Europe, ship models were fashioned by prisoners as an attempt to stave off their boredom and fill the long hours; later these models would be sold to the public. The prisoners were supplied with ivory by the public who loved the art form and wanted it to be a bit more decorative and visually pleasing. In the 18th and 19th century, Britain pretty much ruled the seas and model ships became popular with children in the form of toys and games. In time, model sailing clubs were formed to meet the public’s growing interest and the rise in popularity of this seemingly specific fascination.When ship model kits became available in the twentieth century, they started out with wood and lead but were later fashioned out of plastic when those materials became more widely available. Model wooden boats really gained popularity in the U.S. when a series of articles were published in

Popular Science magazine which showed famous ship designs. The pervasiveness of the internet has also proved to be a great medium for builders and model ship enthusiasts as clubs, forums and social networking sites allow hobbyists to exchange tips with each other, purchase kits online and simply exchange information about a common interest. In recent years, the internet has really helped popularize model ships as it provides a forum for enthusiasts as well as a means of purchasing and sourcing new materials, gadgets and styles. Model ships come in a wide variety of materials but the most common are paper, metal, plastic and wood. The most prevalent materials for model ships are plastic, wood, paper and metal even though there are several other materials that can be used. Aesthetic plays a key role in model ship building and many come with intricately beautiful designs that are pleasing to the novice as well as the expert. Technological advancements brought radio controlled models which are truly a hit with kids and adults alike. More than just a toy or source of entertainment, model tall ships offer an interesting glance at the historical record and allow us to further glean insights into ancient societies and cultures adding new dimensions to the facts that we have all come to know. Rarely does a hobby offer such valuable insight into ancient cultures and because of this, model tall ship building provides a bit of education alongside hours of endless entertainment and genuine fun.

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