Unveiling the World of Cruising: Insights from an Expert

Douglas Ward, with 17 years of experience working on passenger ships, recognized the need for a comparative guide on cruise ships and cruising. This led to the creation of his book, which has evolved over 20 years to include 256 ocean-going ships across 656 pages. Ward’s dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive information involves daily updates and extensive travel, spending up to 250 days a year at sea to ensure the content remains current.

The Allure of Cruises for Honeymooners and Wedding Celebrations

Cruises offer honeymooners a stress-free experience with all-inclusive amenities like language services, diverse cuisines, and entertainment. The convenience and romantic setting make it an ideal choice for couples. Additionally, the trend of onboard weddings has increased, with cruise lines offering dedicated staff to tailor the event to the couple’s preferences, making it a unique and hassle-free option for tying the knot.
Choosing the Perfect Cruise: Factors to Consider


Selecting a cruise requires careful consideration of personal preferences and vacation expectations. Prospective cruisers should consult with established cruise booking specialists to find a match that aligns with their tastes and budget. Popular destinations include the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, and Southeast Asia, with options ranging from short regional trips to extensive around-the-world voyages lasting several months.
Onboard Experiences: The Good and the Challenging

While Ward has encountered his share of bad experiences, most notably during transatlantic crossings with rough weather, he emphasizes that these are exceptions. Today’s cruise ships are designed to offer a serene and enjoyable mode of travel.
Preparing for Your Cruise: Tips and Tricks

When planning for a cruise, it’s essential to consider the ship’s size and the type of experience desired, whether it’s a sailing adventure, educational lectures, spa facilities, or entertainment. The choice of cabin also plays a crucial role, with options ranging from interior cabins to expansive suites with private balconies.